Why Supplement Minerals?

Foods today go through a lot of processing. This processing strips our food of many minerals that are important to our general health and well-being. Adding chemical fertilizers to the soils further complicates the issue. Chemicals may control pests and weeds, but they do not replace the many key minerals that the plants “mine” from … Continued

Liver Makes Most Cholesterol In The Body

Liver tightly controls the relationship between the cholesterol we eat & cholestrol. We make Cholestrolis important for making sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen and mineral hormone like cortisol So cholestrol is not bad we need it to live indeed decreasing our liver cholestrol synthesis with statin drugs can cause side effects although it can … Continued

Superfoods for Better Health

What Exactly Are Superfoods? I’m sure most of us by now have heard of the expression “superfoods”, but what exactly are they? Honestly, there isn’t one single “superfood” that can improve your health by itself, it doesn’t work that way. Most doctors agree that eating a variety of different vegetables and fruits is the key … Continued