3D Mask Micro-Rhinoplasty

The cosmetic surgical procedure that alters the shape of the nose is known as Rhinoplasty. Patients like to get an idea of how they will look before and after the surgery and there are a few current techniques to achieve this. There are 2D and 3D techniques that give a good idea on a computer … Continued

Dental Restoration: Know the Resin Restoration

The dental restoration is a technique used to recover the form and function of the teeth. Whenever a partial removal of the tooth is necessary, it suffers a fracture. The dentist can use various restorative techniques with the aim of recovering the broken or deteriorated tooth. Specifically in the case of caries, the restoration is … Continued

10 Tips To Boost Sperm Quality

Have a look over 10 steps to improve semen quality: Workout in right measure: Exercises can increase testosterone and help in production of sperm;  Avoid excessive alcohol: Excessive drinking (5 servings daily or more) impairs quantity and quality of sperm, also causing impotence;  Monitor your eating: Body that consumes only processed foods suffers from inflammation, … Continued

How to Break Through A Weight-Loss Plateau

Losing weight has become one of the toughest challenges faced by people in today’s world. Once you kick off your weight loss efforts, you would realize that you are burning few pounds. However, it would soon come to a place where you will struggle to lose weight. This situation is called as weight loss plateau. … Continued