Dental Restoration: Know the Resin Restoration

The dental restoration is a technique used to recover the form and function of the teeth. Whenever a partial removal of the tooth is necessary, it suffers a fracture. The dentist can use various restorative techniques with the aim of recovering the broken or deteriorated tooth. Specifically in the case of caries, the restoration is … Continued

Myths and Truths About Teeth Whitening

Despite so much fame and an exaggerated demand for dental whitening, this procedure still raises many doubts. To help understand how it works, if it is harmful, when it is recommended, among other things, there are some greatest myths and truths when it comes to teeth whitening. Bleaching makes your teeth sensitive. Partly true. Some … Continued

All You Need To Know About Dental Implants

Just have lost your teeth and don’t know what to do next? There’s one option in the form of dental implants which you can go with after consulting with your dentist. We usually don’t care for our teeth and keep on using them without thinking much about them. In most cases, people lose their teeth … Continued

What Foods are Terrible for your Mouth?

We all love eating sugary foods like chocolate and ice cream, but they are definitely hurting our oral health. While the formula for health teeth includes regular brushing and flossing, we often neglect foods that are known to be healthy for the teeth. More so than neglecting foods that are good for our teeth, we … Continued