Steps for Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Maintaining a healthy heart is easy; all you need is to bring about a few positive changes in your lifestyle. You need to engage yourself in more physical activities, eat right and stress less. If you?re a regular smoker, you must consider quitting smoking as it can lead to serious complications. But putting your fitness … Continued

Things You Should Consider Before Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery offers an effective solution for people struggling with obesity that are no longer seeing results from diet and exercise. Bariatric surgery provides an effective alternative that will help men and women reach a healthier weight and lead a healthier life. If you’ve thought about getting bariatric surgery, take some time toresearch what surgery … Continued

What does an Elderly Caregiver Do?

An elderly caregiver is extremely important for families who need special patient care (ดูแลผู้ป่วย, which is the term in Thai). This professional has the main function of caring for a particular elderly, thus, he must meet the needs such as: hygiene, food, medicines and etc. Nowadays, the caregiver profession of the elderly is growing a … Continued