10 Tips To Boost Sperm Quality

Have a look over 10 steps to improve semen quality: Workout in right measure: Exercises can increase testosterone and help in production of sperm;  Avoid excessive alcohol: Excessive drinking (5 servings daily or more) impairs quantity and quality of sperm, also causing impotence;  Monitor your eating: Body that consumes only processed foods suffers from inflammation, … Continued

Myths and Truths About Teeth Whitening

Despite so much fame and an exaggerated demand for dental whitening, this procedure still raises many doubts. To help understand how it works, if it is harmful, when it is recommended, among other things, there are some greatest myths and truths when it comes to teeth whitening. Bleaching makes your teeth sensitive. Partly true. Some … Continued

How to Break Through A Weight-Loss Plateau

Losing weight has become one of the toughest challenges faced by people in today?s world. Once you kick off your weight loss efforts, you would realize that you are burning few pounds. However, it would soon come to a place where you will struggle to lose weight. This situation is called as weight loss plateau. … Continued

An Overview Of Prostate Health

If you are a man in your 50s, prostate health is something that you should take seriously, although it is never too early to have regular screening for prostate cancer. A rectal exam to look at the prostate is not the most pleasant thing, but it literally can save your life, and like those annual … Continued

Abigail Costello Has Moved!

After several years of working in the village of Trumansburg, Abigail Thomas Costello has recently moved her office of Acupuncture and Massage back into downtown Ithaca. In order to better serve her patients, the new office is now located at 309 North Tioga Street in Ithaca, a few blocks from the commons. Abigail is pleased … Continued