How to Apply for BSN Admission

A BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree program is a four-year university or college course on campus or online that prepares students to work as registered nurses. Nurses with a BSN degree get more responsibilities and a higher salary than those who only have associate degree.   Admission Requirements for BSN Program An applicant … Continued

5 Common Causes of Lower Leg Pain

Are you an active person like a runner or athlete and experiencing frequent lower leg pain? Everything from stinging shins to searing heels to sore and tender ankles may accompany frequent and repeated use of the legs, especially when you drastically increase running mileage or slope work in a short amount of time. Common causes … Continued

The Health Benefits of Eating Edible Flowers

Flowers are commonly used for decorative purposes or landscaping purposes. But did you know that many flowers are edible and actually provide nutritional value? Yes, it’s true. The first thing to mention is you should always eat flowers that you are 100% confident are not poisonous. There are a variety of resources that can help … Continued