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A Simple Guide To HCG Phases For Beginners

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If you are looking to lose weight and are just beginning to learn about the HCG diet plan, then you must certainly have come across the concept of HCG diet phases. And if you don?t know what the concept refers to, then this post is for you. The HCG diet… Read more »

Aphrodisiac Foods: Do They Really Work?

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Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac foods are made up of specific substances capable of stimulating and enhancing libido. There is a vast list of foods that cause this effect in the body, knowing what they are and increasing them in the menu is a good strategy to intensify the sex life. The name aphrodisiac… Read more »

Foods That Can Help You Reduce Extra Body Fat

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Obesity is probably the one of the biggest health conditions the world is suffering from. No one ever wants to gain extra weight. We use different kind of products and treatments to keep obesity at bay. But in reality most of the products and treatments we see in the market… Read more »

Healthy Spanish Spaghetti Recipe

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I’m a Personal Trainer so a lot of the time my clients might ask me for suggestions on healthy eating ideas and recipes; being unwilling to simply bore people with “chicken, broccoli and rice” based answers indefinitely I decided to start exploring healthy ways to prepare tasty meals, so check… Read more »

Superfoods for Better Health

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What Exactly Are Superfoods? I?m sure most of us by now have heard of the expression ?superfoods?, but what exactly are they? Honestly, there isn?t one single ?superfood? that can improve your health by itself, it doesn?t work that way. Most doctors agree that eating a variety of different vegetables… Read more »

National Macaroni Day

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47012 Bacon Mac_HERO

July 8th is National Macaroni Day. Macaroni is a type of pasta that comes in the shape of small curved tubes. Pasta is an excellent foundation for nutritious, healthy and satisfying meals. It is consumed with high nutrient foods like fiber filled beans and vegetables, monosaturated oils, heart healthy fish,… Read more »

The Military Diet – How It Works and Tips

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Military Diet

With so many diets and weight loss methods available out there, it is somewhat complicated to choose the best diet program to achieve weight loss, right? That is why it is important to know the various methods of weight loss before opting for one of them. How does the military… Read more »

Danish Vaniljekranse: The Recipe That’s Worth A Try

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How the Danish cookies are served in Europe Danish Vaniljekranse can also made by yourself Recipe of homemade Danish Vaniljekranse Everyone loves butter cookies! Together with hot coffee or tea, this crunchy cookies definitely make your leisure time at its best. Based on its history, this Denmark cookies often served… Read more »

Top Facts about the Whole 30 Eating Program You Should Know Now

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Most people know about the Whole30. It is a nutrition program that takes only thirty days to retune your system. It is designed to reduce your sugar intake, alcohol, dairy products, and legumes. Whole30 can be challenging to follow at first, but it gets easier as one continues. However, with… Read more »

Australian BBQ Rules

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There is something primal about taking a big batch of meat and cooking it somewhere other than in the kitchen. This is especially true when the sun is shining, and the rays are glinting off the cover of your barbecue grill. It?s almost a signal to step outside and heat… Read more »