4 Ways to Treat Recurring Eye Styes

Suffering from a severe pain due to eye styes? No fuss, you?re not alone as there?re many people having the same problem. A stye is a red, painful lump usually appeared on the edge of eyelid, causing lots of pain and irritation. Recurring Styes occur repeatedly or periodically and could lead to many serious health … Continued

All about the Eye

The eye is the organ in our body that gives us sight.? There are various types of vision defects which often result from a difficulty in focusing light from objects to the retina.? Correction is possible through the use of a lens, but an optometrist needs to decide on the strength required. Cornea ? The … Continued

Tips on How to get Better Eye Vision

Eyes are a very important part of our body as they help us to visualize things but their potency must not be taken for granted as our vision changes with our age and time. You can protect your vision and sight by using the following tips. To know about how to get better eye vision … Continued