According to the late author and teacher Joseph Campbell, mythology teaches that we all carry destructive ?dragons? in our unconscious.? Dragons are learned conditional patterns in your psyche that constrain you. They are messages internalized from the culture or family that say you?shall?do something to be valued, approved of, or fit in: you shall make … Continued

Beneftis of Digital Xray Imaging

Digital radiography refers to the process of capturing a radiographic image using a sensor, and then presenting (or storing) that image on a computer. The technology has come a long way from traditional x-ray with film and view boxes! Digital x-rays provide chiropractors with clinically viable pictures that are immediately processed by digital sensors and … Continued

Create a Solid Brand Presence

One of the best things you can do for your business is create a cohesive and solid brand presence. This should be seen in your business name, your website, your business logo, and all your marketing material. From the get-go make sure you do your research before settling on a brand name. Why you need … Continued

Abigail Costello Has Moved!

After several years of working in the village of Trumansburg, Abigail Thomas Costello has recently moved her office of Acupuncture and Massage back into downtown Ithaca. In order to better serve her patients, the new office is now located at 309 North Tioga Street in Ithaca, a few blocks from the commons. Abigail is pleased … Continued