Best Strategies to Fight Depression & Stress

According to a veritable report, every one in three people have depression and anxiety issues. It?s world?s most common health condition that the majority of the people are struggling with. To prevent depression and other related health conditions, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle while overcoming all your fears. Keeping this in mind, we … Continued

Relaxation Techniques For Reducing Stress

In this high-tech, busy world, stress is very common and many people are suffering from anxiety and other stress-related problems. Keeping this in mind, we?ve gathered some handy relaxation techniques that will surely help you keep stress at bay. Let?s have a look at them below: Mediate That?s biggie when it comes to reducing stress. … Continued

How Stressed out is your Doctor?

We?ve all heard the jokes about doctors spending a lot of their time playing golf, snorkeling or heading out on an incredibly enviable boat.? However, as much as we tend to think of their playtime as rather cushy, their time on the job ? and on call ? causes a tremendous amount of tension.? This … Continued

Ideas on How to Control Stress

When we think on how to control stress we feel helpless because the hours in a day will not be increased, family needs can?t be minimized and bills can?t be ignored. We can?t take charge of our life wholly but we can take charge of our thinking, ideas and lifestyle. Managing stress is like dealing … Continued