Meal Replacers or Meal Substitutes

Food supplement recognized the same as meal replacement is all-inclusive supplement, with carbohydrate, fat (low level), vitamin, mineral and very rich in protein. If it is put differently, this is hyperprotein meal. The use of these supplements occurs in a variety of ways, because both athletes who want to improve performance, as people who aim … Continued

6 Alimentos para a saúde do Homem

O maior momento na história de suplementos veio no dia 1 de setembro, 1998. Que é quando um esportivo desafiou Sammy Sosa sobre como ele poderia competir com a androstenediona assistido por Mark Mcguire. Em resposta, Sosa uncorked um choque: Ele devia tudo—wink—para Flintstones vitaminas. Coincidência ou não, depois de Sosa coelho pulou e soprou … Continued

Why Supplement Minerals?

Foods today go through a lot of processing. This processing strips our food of many minerals that are important to our general health and well-being. Adding chemical fertilizers to the soils further complicates the issue. Chemicals may control pests and weeds, but they do not replace the many key minerals that the plants “mine” from … Continued

Does Glucosamine help Osteoarthritis?

Glucosamine is a dietary supplement for patients with osteoarthritis. Human and animal bones contain glucosamine naturally. However glucosamine supplements sold from pharmacies and even local supermarkets contain glucosamine extracted from the shells of shellfish. It’s not accepted in the U.S. as a pharmaceutical drug to treat diseases and other medical conditions, but at least I … Continued