Everything You Need to Know About Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (aka rehabilitation medicine or physiatry) is a type of medicine used to restore and improve functional ability. It is largely used to treat people with disabilities or physical impairments affecting spinal cord, brain, joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves and tendons. Physical medicine and rehabilitation physician is also known as physiatrist, treating … Continued

Our Guide to Arizona?s Alcohol Treatment Centers featuring the best and outstanding facilities known for affordable and effective rehabilitation programs.

Springboard Recovery– Arizona?s Best Alcohol Treatment Center Do you find your work, school, and your relationships increasingly difficult to handle because of alcohol? Do you have a loved one who could not control his addiction to alcohol? Our Alcohol treatment centers are waiting to welcome you, assess your problem, and create a plan of treatment … Continued

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure and Treatment Tips

High blood pressure is the most common and highly dangerous cardiovascular system. Its incidence increases proportionally with aged people. It ranks among civilization diseases because of its emergence is also committed to a bad lifestyle and unhealthy habits. Development can take place stealthily and with minimal signs or symptoms, so the patient does not have … Continued


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4 Ways to Naturally Eliminate Back Pain

Having a strong spine or back is essential as far as conducting your day-to-day activities successfully. However, sometimes as a result of different types of motions as well as tightened muscles of the lower back, one just might inflict damage in that area and could result in some kind of back pain. This kind of … Continued