Whenever a person wants to unriddle he chooses the best plan which can work more efficiently and can give prominent results in a little time span. Ample of weight loss exercises are being suggested by experts and trainers in the form of videos, eBooks and in weight loss training programs. Here are some suggestions for your workout which can help you losing weight within days.

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  • Pushups are one of the best weight loss exercises which actually cause fat burning and reduction of belly fat. You can start pushups with 5-10 and then increase 3-5 pushups daily. This is really easy and effectual.
  • The second exercise is running. Running for 15-20 minutes on daily basis can cause sweating and actuates every part of your body.
  • Kettle bell and dumbbell swings with repetition of squat thrust can cause reduction in fats and give you a well-shaped and strong body. To lose weight within a week you can select this countdown exercise in which you start with 14 dumbbells and 14 squat thrusts and then keep repeating the pattern decreasing one digit every time.
  • Cardiovascular prolusion is the most liked exercise among all the other weight loss exercises. You do a 10-15 minutes exercise with dynamic drills including planks and crunches. Wheel rollouts and hill sprint can be added further in this exercise.
  • Walking over treadmill and then running on it can also affect your weight.
  • Barbell front squat and complex exercise is also very useful in weight reduction.
  • Planks and crunches can be performed in different styles to reduce the fat over different areas of your body. You can do crunches to lose belly fats and thigh fats.
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